Quick Fix for an iPhone Brick

An unresponsive iPhone, that is, won’t turn on or off, has a black screen, can’t be used to make calls nor recognized in iTunes, becomes an iPhone brick. A bricked iPhone is thus referred due to being unusable, hence making it as good as paperweight. This case usually happens by accident, interfered or failed software update, or by jailbreaking or attempting to unlock carrier. Users opt to unlock iPhone in order to shift from current carrier to another without spending a substantial amount, or to be able to install third party programs and enhance the device. However beneficial this may seem, doing this will make the device vulnerable to bricking when connected to iTunes for updates.

A bricked iPhone may be distressing, but a trip to an authorized Apple repair shop can be put on hold until after certain steps are followed and the problem remains unresolved. The foremost step is to take deep breaths to calm the senses. After this, it won’t hurt to try some basic steps like restarting or resetting the bricked device.

Restart iPhone.
1. Press and hold the sleep/wake button (power button) on the top right part of the device until it shows the red slider
2. Slide the red slider to turn the device off.
3. Once the device is off, next is to press and hold the sleep/wake button again until Apple logo appears.

If device remains unresponsive, a reset can be done next.

Reset iPhone.
1. Press and hold the sleep/wake button and home button (located at the center below the device screen) at the same time for around 10 seconds until Apple logo appears.

For assurance, device can be restored to default factory settings wirelessly or through iTunes.

If the above steps don’t do the trick, restoring through recovery or DFU mode can be done. These steps may seem risky, but successful execution would get the device out of iPhone brick state in no time. Recovery mode is characterized by an iPhone showing a “connect to iTunes” screen. If iPhone is already in recovery mode or stuck in this display, it can be restored by clicking “OK” to the iTunes prompt message stating that device must be restored in order to use it on iTunes. The device can also be set to recovery mode.

Set iPhone to Recovery mode.
1. Turn device completely off and disconnect from cable
2. Hold the home button down and then connect the device back to the cable while still holding the home button.
3. Release the home button only after “connect to iTunes” screen on device shows up. After this, iPhone can be restored in iTunes.

Set iPhone into DFU mode
1. Connect device to computer and then turn it completely off.
2. Press and hold both sleep/wake and home buttons together
3. Release the sleep/wake button after exactly 10 seconds but continue to hold home button until iTunes prompts to restore.

While recovery mode displays the “connect to iTunes” screen, DFU mode shows an all-black screen identical to a completely turned off device. With this, it is best to have a clock to make sure exact time is consumed.

In certain cases, bricked device cannot restore using iTunes. In such scenario, other measures can be taken.

• Make sure that iTunes is up to date, if not, it should be updated.
• Make sure that computer operating system is up to date.
• Update and properly configure security software, firewall, and network router settings, in order to allow iTunes to download firmware updates for iPhone.
• Disconnect other USB devices like printer, camera, and others, except the keyboard and mouse.
• Restart computer and carry out all the steps previously provided.

If device is still unresponsive after restarting and doing the steps again, another way is to create a different user account or using another computer to do the recovery in iTunes. iPhone users who have met the same situation have been able to revive their bricked devices after going through the steps over and over again, others have been luckier to get results only after the first or second attempts. In any case, it is important to embrace the fact that these technological advances, however good their performance may be, are still a little behind perfection. By luck or personal fault, a beloved iPhone may break and the only way to face the situation is through patience and, well, perseverance.